How to Add Images Using Embedded Links and Online Hosting.

How to Add Images Using Embedded Links and Online Hosting.

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If you want to add an image to your article using an embedded link and the image is stored on your laptop, you'll need to first upload the image to an online image hosting service that supports direct linking. One common and straightforward option is to use an image hosting service like Imgur. Here's a step-by-step guide to adding the image using Imgur as an example:

  1. Upload the Image to Imgur:

    • Go to the Imgur website (

    • Click on the "New post" button in the top-left corner.

    • Select the image file from your laptop that you want to upload.

    • Once the image is uploaded, you'll see it on the Imgur website.

  2. Get the Image URL:

    • Right-click on the uploaded image on Imgur.

    • Click on "Open image in new tab" or "Copy image address" (the wording may vary depending on your browser).

    • This will open the image in a new tab, and the URL in the address bar of the new tab will be the direct link to the image.

  3. Insert the Image in Your Article:

    • In your article, place the cursor at the location where you want to insert the image.

    • Use the <img> HTML tag to add the image with the embedded link. Replace [IMAGE_URL] with the URL you obtained from Imgur.


<p>Here is an illustration of a data engineer working with big data technologies:</p>
<img src="[IMAGE_URL]" alt="Data Engineer Working with Big Data Technologies">
  1. Replace [IMAGE_URL] with the Actual Image URL:

    • Paste the image URL you obtained from Imgur into the src attribute of the <img> tag. It should look like this:
<img src="" alt="Data Engineer Working with Big Data Technologies">
  1. Save and Preview:

    • Save your article and preview it to ensure the image is displayed correctly.

Remember to make sure the image you upload is relevant to your article and complies with any copyright restrictions. Additionally, images hosted on free image hosting platforms like Imgur may have limitations on their hosting duration, so be mindful of this when using them in your articles. If you need more permanent hosting, consider using a dedicated image hosting service or your own website/server.