Tell Me About Your Project Experience !

Tell Me About Your Project Experience !

How To Explain Your Project Experience In an Interview?

In This Article we are going to see how you should explain your project during an interview. Whether you are a fresher or an experience one Its important for everyone Like what work they have done , What project they have made And how to explain them in the interview. This is one of the most important thing which everyone should know.

1) Tell Me About Your Project?

This is the questions which will be definitely asked in your every interview. First of all, you need to tell your project NAME. This means the name of the project you will be presenting in an interview. This is supposed to be told first. You have to define the project name properly. Second important thing is "Domain of your project". Means which project domain did you work, Was it related to web dev , androd dev , or anything else. It can be any domain that you need to tell.


The Third most important thing is "Brief Description". It include All the functionalities which you have used in project. You will need to explain briefly all about it . Like if there is Flipkart website , you can add "add to cart function" , Do payment as well. This is all you will be explaining there. Similarly You are supposed to explain all during the time of interview. No need to explain in details. Brief description is all about high level design. You must have knowledge to explain high level design of your project.


Afte that You need to explain Low Level Design of you project. In this you will be explaining On which technology did you work on , which framework did you used , which Database did you used etc etc ! This all you need to tell. In this part chance of getting questioned by interviewer is very high. Interviewer may asked questioned you about technology you have used in project. Like if there is website development project then he can asked you questions on HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT etc etc. All questions will be based on technologies you have mentioned during Low Level Design. SO you should be prepare for all this . You should practice this questions before presenting your project in an interview.

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